11 Top Tips For Starting The Paleo Diet

After recently starting my new healthy eating routine, Paleo. I thought it would be a great idea to share some quick tips I’ve picked up along the way. There’s some great advice here that I wish I’d have known before starting. This quick guide should help you to get into the Paleo way of thinking and allow you to start on the new path of caveman nutrition.

1. Clean Out The Cupboards
If you don’t have it in the cupboards, then you can’t eat it! If you’re planning on going full paleo then you need to clear everything out of your cupboards that doesn’t fall into the paleo food category. Yes it might be a waste of food, but it’ll help you stick to the plan. If you’re still thinking about going paleo and you hate to waste food or you’re on a budget, get rid of things gradually, then start!

2. A Gradual Transition
Going Paleo isn’t a strict plan, it’s about doing what makes you feel good. If going paleo means a huge lifestyle change for you then take it steady, do things gradually. Starting something gradually will help you to conquer your cravings easier. Its better to start something slowly and for it to become part of your life, than dropping everything and saying I’m on a strict paleo diet.

3. Have A Plan
Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Set a date in the diary of when your going to start your paleo lifestyle. Work out what foods you’ll be eating in the coming months. Read and research Paleo, check out some websites such as www.paleodiet.com, www.marksdailyapple.com, www.cavemanpower.com, www.robbwolf.com, www.paleohacks.com to help you with guidance and advice. Remember you’re not alone, there are thousands of people starting their paleo journey too.

4. Know Your Paleo Foods
Before you sit down and plan your weekly shop, check out what you can and can’t eat. There is a great printable guide I have found at http://stupideasypaleo.com/resources/shopping-and-cooking-guides/ that will help you sort through whats paleo and what isn’t.

5. Find Paleo Recipes
There are hundreds of paleo recipe sites and cookbooks out there. A personal favourite of mine is http://www.paleoplan.com/recipes/. Also the book by Paleo Guru – Mark Sissons – The Primal Blueprint Cookbook is fantastic!

6. Go Shopping
Write your shopping list and stick to it! Try not to stray from your shopping list, if there isn’t an ingredient available try to substitute it with something similar. And if your really stuck, check the added ingredients in the products and follow these simple rules;

* No ingredients – Winner
* One ingredient – Good
* Two ingredients – Okay
* Three ingredients – Pushing it
* Four or more ingredients – Don’t bother

7. Get Cooking!
So you’ve got your paleo food and recipes, now its time to pull it all together. It obvious to say, follow the recipe guides for the preparation and method. Unless you want to venture of the beaten track and throw you’re own recipes together. If you’re not the best cook in the world i’d recommend reading the 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferris. There are some great tips, techniques and hacks in the book that will turn you into Gordon Ramsey in no time!

8. Mix It Up
Try and get a wide variety of different foods and recipes into your diet. The more food you try, the more you can discover what your likes and dislikes are. Having variety in there also makes you more likely to look forward to meal times.

9. Trick or Treat
Remember to treat yourself in a conscious free way. There are loads of paleo recipes that will help you treat yourself and give you a little slice of food heaven but keep you on the paleo path. Pancakes are a great treat you can have anytime, my favourite is the Chocolate Chip Banana Pancake http://livinghealthywithchocolate.com/desserts/chocolate-chip-banana-pancake-paleo-gluten-free-1496/.

10. Exercise
Remember when we were cavemen? Probably not.. But our ancestors used to keep active by exercising, probably not out of choice but to survive. Get up, move, walk, cycle, jog, swim, run, weight train just do something! Even better, find something you like doing that’s also exercise and your far more likely to stick with it in the future.

11. And…. Sleep
Be sure to rest up and get your much-needed sleep. The general consensus is to get 8-9 hours a night, however you should listen to what your body is telling you. If you don’t need to sleep that long, don’t! But avoid sleeping over 9 hours+  or you’ll feel like you’ve gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Avoid TV, Ipads, Email and any other device apart from your kindle before bed. This will ensure that you switch off and enter the land of nod much sooner.

Author: Lee

Just an average guy, trying to help people make better choices in life! Back in 2012 I was struggling with my fitness goals and I stumbled across the Shaun T Insanity Workout DVD and since then I’ve been hooked on working out from home ever since.

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