5 Top Tips to Lose Fat Fast!

lose fat fastYour exercise regime at home is going great and you still haven’t step foot in a gym but you’re still struggling with shedding those extra few pounds. Have you got a special event to go to? Maybe you just want to reach your target weight a bit faster than planned. At Home Gym Junkie we have 5 fantastic tips to help you shed fast fat, and of course you can apply all these principles at home!

We have also included in the tips some great advice and pointers from industry professionals, so what are you waiting for?



Weight training plays a key role in weight loss despite what some people may think. One great way of raising the bar is by stepping back from the straight sets and going onto super sets instead. These involve performing 2-3 exercises back to back as apposed to one set a time.

Personal Trainer & Bodybuilder Jason Diprose concurs: “High volume supersets are a fantastic way to get very lean and highly defined and of course shed stubborn fat.”



When training, be careful to have short rest periods between each set. If possible, when trying to shed fat try to have no more than 30 seconds rest between sets. This may be tough at first but endurance is the key to success and your hard work will pay off.



High intensity interval training burns more calories in less time. For example, if you have a treadmill at home, sprint as fast as you can for a minute then walk at a brisk pace for a minute until you have done 10 of each.  It has been proven that HIIT training burns calories even after you’ve finished exercising.

Fitness Instructor and competitive bikini athlete Betsy Green suggests “so your body doesn’t use up those essential amino acids which you need for muscle building, before cardio ensure you take a good BCAA supplement.”



This may sound like we are stating the obvious but go through your cupboards and get rid of everything you know is bad! Chuck the chocolate biscuits, and bin the chocolate bars! If they aren’t in your cupboards then you cant eat them so you’re saving yourself from all those extra calories!



Can you get a friend round a few times a week to train with you? Do you know anyone that will really push you? You could even hire a personal trainer to give you an extra nudge once a week. Keeping motivated and pushing your boundaries is the key to shedding fat.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our tips! Can you incorporate any of these in to your daily life and exercise routine? Give them a go and reap the rewards!

Author: Lee

Just an average guy, trying to help people make better choices in life! Back in 2012 I was struggling with my fitness goals and I stumbled across the Shaun T Insanity Workout DVD and since then I’ve been hooked on working out from home ever since.

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