Why Everyone Should Drink Protein Shakes!

protein shakesWhen the term ‘protein shakes’ is mentioned everyone usually associated them with bodybuilding, huge men and seriously stacked women. Of course, protein shakes are an essential part of bodybuilding routines because participants go to great lengths to research what’s best for building their bodies.

Applying the same principle, protein shakes can be a fantastic supplement to aid in achieving your goals be it to get slimmer, get leaner, build muscle mass or gain weight. Lets take a look at why incorporating protein shakes can be extremely beneficial in helping you achieve your goals.


Whey Isolate – what you need to know…

Whey isolate is the key ingredient found in most good quality protein shakes. Whey isolate is a complete protein, which contains all the amino acids, which are needed in your daily diet. According to the National Dairy Council whey isolate has a higher protein content and barely and traceable fat or lactose. Whey protein contains a high level of a substance called leucine, which helps to promote the synthesis of muscle protein and growth. Furthermore it helps promote the loss of fat tissue die to the energy required by the body to process leucine.


Weight loss

Protein shakes are by no means a magic weight loss drink. The idea in using protein shakes as an aid to weight loss is that drinking a shake straight after your home workout is very beneficial to your body and its recovery because it gets absorbed almost immediately. They help fill you up on lower calories and because you can get them in many different flavours from cookie dough to chocolate peanut butter they are a healthy way to fill you up and fix your sweet cravings! If you choose a Diet protein shake this will have even lesser calories than a normal protein shake.


Build muscledrinking protein shakes

When you have completed your home workout and you are happy you have put plenty of effort in, the perfect meal to have after comes in the form of a protein shake. Think of it as rewarding your muscles for doing a great job. When muscle cells tear and become damaged during exercise protein helps to rebuild them bigger and stronger helping you to become a better and tougher version of yourself.


For diabetics, pregnant women and senior citizens

Protein shakes really are for everybody. Whey protein can actually help control your blood glucose levels and can also assist those with diabetes control their diets better. Pregnant ladies have an increased need for protein throughout the duration of their pregnancies and whey isolate provides a wonderfully rich source of protein. Lastly, whey protein can and should be consumed by senior citizens as it can help in the prevention of bone and muscle loss.


Protein shakes are a great addition to any healthy balanced diet and are especially great to consume after your workout or morning run. Reward your body and give them a try and indulge in a mouth-watering flavor.

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