Workout At Home Blog Series – 12 – Top 4 Fitness DVDs for Home Workouts

Last but not least is the world of fitness DVDs, by no means should these be overlooked and they can be a superb way to exercise if you have a busy life and simply don’t have time to plan workouts. A great way to have fun and burn calories while exercising is using a fun an uplifting fitness DVD.

With so many DVDs on the market it can be a minefield looking for the right one, so after some careful evaluation we have tried and tested the best home workout DVDs and here are our results and recommendations.

shaun t insanity workoutINSANITY – The ultimate cardio workout

The Insanity DVD’s are absolutely brilliant and probably the most popular fitness DVD craze on the market. If you like to really push yourself and feel the pain Insanity is for you. After only a few days days you will feel the difference. Only do as much as you can. It uses every muscle in your body, even muscles you didn’t realize you had has. Definitely worthwhile for everyone but don’t forget to go at your own pace.


les mills body combatLes Mills Combat DVD Workout

With this DVD you can carve a lean, strong and chiselled body in just 60 days with this ultimate Mixed Martial Arts programme. It blends the most dynamic moves from 7 MMA disciplines into explosive, escalating sequences helping you burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Les Mills combines speed and power with cross training for complete calorie scorching. You will experience a high-reputation sequence of moves that will have your muscles firing on all cylinders.


Charlotte Crosby’s 3-Minute Belly Blitz

charlotte crosby 3 min belly blitzA great one for the ladies out there as Charlotte’s transformation is quite remarkable. Aimed mostly at weight loss around those stubborn areas. Richard Callender from ITV’s Biggest Loser devised these short, sharp, shock workouts. Join him, Charlotte and weight loss expert David Souter for special moves to turn on the body’s fat burners super quick. 12 routines starting with just one 3 minute round and build up to all 12. Extra abs, blitz the belly jelly with 10 minutes of killer abs. And speed up fat loss with Charlotte’s yummy eating plan.

Jillian Michaels – 30-Day Shred

jillian michaels 30 day shredJust one of many superb DVDs from Jillian, the superstar of America’s fitness trainers, is committed to getting big results. As your own personal trainer, Jillian will guide you through her exclusive 3-2-1 Interval System that combines strength, cardio and abs to blast through calories for a dramatic 30-day shred. The DVD includes three complete 20-minute workouts, which progress by level of intensity. Start with Level 1 and advance through to Level 3- in no time you’ll achieve a lean shredded body.

These are some of the best fitness DVD’s on the market and you can’t fail to go wrong if you’re strict with yourself and stick to the trainers instruction. By eating healthy and incorporating regular exercise into your regime

Author: Lee

Just an average guy, trying to help people make better choices in life! Back in 2012 I was struggling with my fitness goals and I stumbled across the Shaun T Insanity Workout DVD and since then I’ve been hooked on working out from home ever since.

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