Your Dehydrated And You Don’t Know It!

dehydrationAs you all know the importance of drinking water regularly throughout the day is second to none

As a qualified fitness instructor all to often I see clients and class attendees fatigue too early on and complain that they are tired out and hungry when the real problem is that they are dehydrated.

It is vitally important to replace the fluid we loose especially when exercising from home. The NHS website states the European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 litres of fluid per day. That’s roughly eight glasses of 200ml each for a woman, and 10 glasses of 200ml each for a man

Helping you spot the signs of dehydration

Lack of toilet visits

Do you go all day with only going to the toilet once? This isn’t good and it means you’re dehydrated. Moreover is your urine dark in colour? This is one of the most obvious signs of being dehydrated.

Lack of energy

Do you feel tired and without much energy for a large amount of the day? This is a big symptom of dehydration! People make the mistakes of having energy drinks when dehydrated and these actually make you more dehydrated!

Headaches and feeling lightheaded

When you’re dehydrated its quite common for you to feel as though you have a constant headache and even lightheaded in more extreme occurrences. Exercising in this state isn’t safe.


Quite often when you think your hungry you aren’t; you’re in fact dehydrated! It’s easy for people to pack on the pounds when they aren’t drinking enough water and hydrating their bodies properly.

Combat the dehydration

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you struggle try having a glass every 90 minutes and ensure you top it straight back up. If you aren’t a fan of water try sparkling or add a slice of lemon or lime for a little flavour burst. You can also try adding some sugar free squash or fruit juice for a flavoursome kick.

Natural smoothies are also a great way of getting hydrated and getting your 5 a day. When making you’re smoothies or buying it try adding a little extra water for extra hydration.

Monitoring your water intake is one of the best and healthiest things you can do. You will notice your skin looking more radiant, your energy levels go up and excess fatigue disappear so up your water intake now!

Author: Lee

Just an average guy, trying to help people make better choices in life! Back in 2012 I was struggling with my fitness goals and I stumbled across the Shaun T Insanity Workout DVD and since then I’ve been hooked on working out from home ever since.

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